Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Setup

This is going to be a brief section on my setup, and all the reasons I have for using such tools and themes. For this I would like to link to a screen shot.

In the screen there is a gvim window, an xterm, 5 conky instances, 2 dzen's feeded with xmonad output, and an awn dock. I'll go with these for now, later I'll explain other soft I use.
  • Xmonad: I went through a lot of window managers, stacking and tiling. I went for tiling, because most of the time I use just full screen all windows, or put 2 or three side to side. Than I tried awesome wm, which was having a lot of development and the config file syntax was changing rather quickly. And other tiling window managers being to simple (wmii, dwm, etc.) and others being in development (like awesome wm), I went for Xmonad, easy to configure, extendable, and fast. The only drawback is the dependency for Haskell compiler and libraries.
  • Gvim: It's my main programming tool. I won't repeat all the useful stuff there is to say about vim, because there's a lot about it in the internet. I've installed the nerdtree, taglist, latex suite, c-support and perl-support plugins. The nerdtree provides file browsing, taglist provides code browsing, and the others are programming-language-specific macros to speed up programming. 
  • Xterm: I use xterm and not urxvt, because I use a lot of alt-keycombos to move around tabs and stuff in vim, and urxvt has a bug in which it doesn't pass the alt key to the programs running in it. Besides I don't use all the stuff urxvt has.
  • Conkys: The three on the bottom [the cpu-mem graphs, the mpd info and the clock] are there because on fullscreen that's the only place I can see them all the time. The date and todo-list are less important so they're placed accordingly. 
  • The awn dock is there, because I wanted a systray that didn't look ugly and had a battery status applet, I don't actually use the app launchers, but they look nice there anyway.

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